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Green Class

Welcome to Green Class!

Green Class are 26 fantastic, enthusiastic Year 3 children. Our teachers are Mrs Hassan and Mrs Bullock and our fabulous teaching assistant is Mrs DaSilva.  We have a great time learning together! Have a look at our page on the gallery to see some exciting things we have been doing.

Our learning journey topic this term is Dragons, Rocks and Volcanoes.

In English, we will be reading the book How To Train Your Dragon and thinking carefully about its themes of bullying, different ways to be a hero and how to treat others (including dragons) with respect. We will use this text to inspire us to write persuasive letters. Also, we will be creating our own dragons and writing manuals about how to look after them. Linked to our science topic, we will be writing instructions about how to make a soil smoothie. Inspired by the poem 'Has Anyone Seen My Dragon' by James Carter, we will be writing a poem about our own dragon. 

Our science topic this term is rocks and soils and their properties. We will be discovering how different rocks are formed and identifying different rocks. Also, we will be testing rocks to find out whether they are durable and permeable or impermeable. Furthermore, we will be sorting rocks according to their properties. In our school garden, we will be digging and sieving the soil to find out what it contains. We will be using this knowledge to design and write a recipe for a soil smoothie. We will also be testing different types of soil to measure how much water passes through them. 
We will be learning to play hockey. We will also be using one of our P.E sessions for Forest School. 

In French, we will be learning greetings in French and how to count up to 20. We will also be learning how to say our names and ages in French. 

We will be learning about how digital devices are connected and can change the way we work. Also, we will be creating our own animations. 



We will be finding out about the layers of the Earth and how the Earth's crust is divided into different plates. Using maps, we will locate where different volcanoes are located along these plates. Then we will learn how volcanoes are created and how rocks are formed from cooled lava. We will even be making our own erupting volcanoes. We will visit Puzzlewood to see how the landscape has changed over time and scowles have been formed. With Mrs Bullock, we will be developing our field work skills, understanding how co-ordinates are used, using the 8 points of the compass and also learning about the different counties of the U.K.


We will be evaluating moving books and cards and designing, making and evaluating our own moving Christmas cards.



In music, we will be learning to sing The Dragon Song and studying the composers Benjamin Britten and Richard Wagner. We will also be learning about Viking Sagas and using instruments to compose our own music based on these.  


We will be looking at the artists Mark Rothko, Eloise Renouf and Lucy Poskitt. We will be using chalks and water to create a Mark Rothko inspired piece of art. We will also make a Mark Rothko and Lucy Poskitt inspired weaving that represents one of our special places. In Forest School, we will be creating weavings using natural materials. At Harvest time, we will create a sponge painting based on the textile designs of Eloise Renouf. 

Weekly spellings are in half-termly booklets and tested on Friday.  Times tables will be practiced daily.  This will be the main basis of your home learning.

Please try to read with you child for at least three times in the week.  Record any reading your child does at home into their home reading record. Reading records will be taken in and checked on Mondays. 


Homelearning tasks will be set on seesaw on a Wednesday and must be completed by Monday. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries concerning your son/daughter.

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