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Blue Class



Homework will always be set each week on your child's Seesaw page.  Please mark their work and take a picture to add to their journal.

Spellings will also be set on Seesaw with a test, in school, on the following Friday.



Blue Class 

Summer 2024 


Blue Class are taught by Miss Taylor with the support of Mrs Gardner.  We are incredibly lucky and have a class of 30 amazing children who we have the pleasure of teaching each day. 


Our Learning Journey theme for the summer term is 'Stones and Bones'.  This is going to allow us to explore the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages through history. 


There are lots of exciting opportunities for great writing this term. Our main focus will be finding ways to improve our writing and to make it exciting.  We will be reading 'Stig of the Dump', as well as many other books, and looking at features of writing by using our Year 4 checklist.  We will be working hard to prepare for Year 5. 

The children will continue to work independently, using the strategies of editing to improve their work to the best of their abilities. We will create some Stone Age cinquain poetry and take part in some interesting debates. 


The children will participate in whole class reading each day, as well as having opportunities for individual reading time. 

As a class, we will continue to consolidate our SPAG skills (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) and use them across the curriculum with confidence.   


During the Summer Term, we will continue to consolidate our previous skills as well as becoming more confident with written methods of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also be improving our skills in telling the time, using shapes and money. 

This term, we will be completing in a compulsory Multiplication Tables Check.  It is expected that the children know all their tables by the end of Year 4.  Practising as much as you can at home, is going to be truly beneficial.  It is not just about doing well in the test, but knowing the times tables facts is going to be crucial to access the Year 5 curriculum.  The children love TTRockstars - I will set the tables accordingly so all of them can access and achieve.  Squeebles is also another great app to support times tables learning.  



Please ensure your child's kit is fully labelled (including trainers) and in school every day as we like to make use of our fantastic all weather pitch (MUGA) whenever we can. As a general rule, PE will take place on a Monday and Tuesday.  Your child is welcome to bring joggers and a jumper for colder days. We will also use Baggard's Field wherever possible to keep fit and healthy too.  Alongside this, we will regularly find time to look after our minds and our mental wellbeing. 



We are learning all about "Electricity'' during this term.  We will be linking this with our DT project where the children will design and make a circuit for an everyday use (a torch). We will improve our enquiry skills by taking part in a range of enquiry types across the term. 




We will learn about what life is like in the Alps and recalling our skills about using maps. Will we also be able to name the 7 continents of the world? 



We will be continuing our learning of Easter with the meaning behind Pentecost. Following this, we will be gathering all of our previous learning to explore how, and why, people mark significant events in life.  This will include comparisons between the Christian faith and Hinduism. 



We will continue to focus on a Value each month and will also address British Values within our learning.  Alongside this, the children will be discussing friendships and how problems with friends can be resolved easily. Further into the term, we will be looking at 'Changing me' where we will be thinking about how we change as we grow.  Please refer to the family learning questions that are on our PSHE overview on our website.  Our Wednesday 'Jigsaw' sessions will support our learning, as well as circle times with the children when necessary. 



We are looking forward to creating some beautiful pieces of art using a range of medium and related to nature. We are very excited about showing our journey in our sketchbooks - just like real artists!  



We are going to focus on photo editing and coding. Our esafety lessons will also continue, focusing on safety on the Internet. 



The class are going to be learning to play the recorder! Please bring one into school if you have your own. 

In Blue Class, children are challenged to read at least 3 times per week - please record this in the reading record books as the children will move up a leaf if they do. This is also the only evidence that we have to see that the children are reading at home. 

Maths and English work will be given on alternate weeks and spellings will come home every Friday to be tested on the following Friday. Please submit the homework on Seesaw by the following Wednesday so that it can be marked.   



It is also expected that children practise their times tables at home - the children love using TT Rockstars.   


You will find, at the bottom of this page, some knowledge organisers which the children will be using to support their learning as well as some other resources. 


As always, if there is anything that you are unsure of, then please feel free to send me an email or note.  I will always do my best to reply ASAP!  I'm looking forward to another wonderful term with your children.