Welcome to our school website. Parent feedback: "Lovely culture of respect, kindness and thoughtfulness"; "Pupils are wonderfully behaved. This was evident on a recent school trip that I assisted with. I was extremely impressed!"; "From the first time I visited the school, and the many times since - there is a great feeling of happiness everywhere"; "Superb facilities. The school is the best equipped, has the best physical environment I have seen,(and I've seen a few!) Esp. pleased with the new build and new books"; "My child loves coming to school. Thank you!"; "A wonderfully caring learning environment"; "Wonderful care of the children in Reception"; "Passion, commitment and dedication of the teachers and head"; "Amazing staff - who always go the extra mile for all children"; "After-school and breakfast clubs great for working mums and returning to work mums!"; "Parents are involved in much of school life - sports days, assemblies, coffee mornings, teacher meetings"; "concerns over children are dealt with
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Governors and Accounts

 Welcome to the Governors' section!

Meet the Governors


Ashperton's governors are proud to be part of this fantastic school! We support the pupils, staff and parents in making it even better.

Ashperton School has 11 governors. The full governing body meets four times a year, and subcommittees deal in greater detail with particular areas. There are three sub-committees:
· Finance, Resources & Audit - which includes finance, pay & personnel, health & safety, pupil discipline & exclusions, and the new building project
· Curriculum
· Headteacher's Performance Management Committee

Parent Governors  (2) 

Ruth Nolan  Became a parent governor in May 2015.  Ruth has governor responsibility for SEN and is a member of the curriculum committee.  Ruth has been teaching for 25 years and currently working at a local residential special school.  No declarations of interest.


Paul Mess Became a parent governor in March 2021.  Paul has governor responsibility of Science and is a member of the Finance, Resources and Audit committee.  He has 2 children at the school of which he declares an interest.


Staff Governors (4) Teaching and non-teaching staff elected by the teaching staff 

Chris Bandfield The Headteacher has the choice whether to be a governor or not; in either case has the right to attend meetings. Chris has opted to be a governor, he has special responsibility for staff training, and is a member of the Finance, Resources and Audit and Curriculum committees. Chris is also the Accounting Officer for Ashperton Primary Academy.

Caroline Bullock  Deputy Head and Teacher of Year 6.  Caroline joined the governing body in April 2018. She is the Mathematics Curriculum Manager and is a member of the Finance, Resources and Audit and Curriculum committee.

Catherine Bushnell Teacher of Year 2. Catherine joined the governing body in April 2018. She is PE Curriculum Manager and Geography Curriculum Manager and is a member of the Curriculum Committee.

Kate Bishop Resigned 7th March 2022



General Governors (6) Appointed by the governing body 


Jacqueline Dodds - (Chair) Jacqueline joined the Governing Body in December 2015 as a community governor.  She is a former accountant.  Jacqueline has special responsibility for Numeracy Strategy and is also a member of the Finance, Resources & Audit Committee and Curriculum Committee.  No declarations of interest.


Geraint Jenkins (VICE CHAIR) became a governor in November 2020. He is also part of the Finance, Resources & Audit Committee.  Geriant has responsibility for EYFS. He has children at school which he declares as an interest.


John Taylor is a retired biology teacher and lives very near to the school. He became a governor in 2004. John is also part of the Finance, Resources & Audit Committee and has responsibility for Pupil Premium and Health and Safety. John has no declarations of interest.


Jon Nicklin became a governor in October 2016. Jon has a special responsibility of Safeguarding and is a member of the Curriculum Committee.  He has children at school which he declares as an interest.


Sue Snowball became a governor in April 2021. Sue is a Community Governor and has a special responsibility of Literacy and is a member of the Curriculum Committee.  Sue has no declarations of interest.


Alan Bowyer  has expressed an interest in becoming a governor


Phil Hagger  Resigned September 2021

Eleanor James - Resigned 15th November 2020




 17th September 202010th December 202011th March 20211st July 2021Governor Category    Total Number of MeetingsPercentage of Attendance
Jacqueline DoddsYYYYGovernor (Chair)4/4100%
Tony FreemanXXXResigned Mar21Parent Governor0/30%
Chris BandfieldYYYYStaff Governor (Headteacher)4/4100%
Caroline BullockYYYYStaff Governor4/4100%
Catherine BushnellYYYYStaff Governor4/4100%
Kate BishopYYYXStaff Governor3/475%
Ruth NolanXYYXParent Governor2/450%
John TaylorYYYXGeneral Governor3/475%
Phil HaggerYYYYGeneral Governor4/4100%
Eleanor JamesYResigned Nov20NANAGeneral Governor1/1100%
Jon  NicklinYYYYGeneral Governor4/4100%
Geraint JenkinsNAYYYGeneral Governor (Vice)3/3100%
Paul MessNANANAYParent Governor1/1100%
Sue SnowballNANANAXGeneral Governor0/10%



The Members of Ashperton Primary Academy

John Taylor - Chair  03/03/2011 

Chris Bandfield 03/03/2011

Jacqueline Dodds 05/10/2017

Ruth Nolan 02/07/2015

Phil Hagger 1/3/2022

Kate Ford 1/3/2022

Tony Freeman - Vice Chair  17/08/2015 (Resigned March 2021)


Declarations of Interest, Pecuniary or Otherwise

Legislation requires all governors to declare any interest in the decisions made by the governing body, pecuniary (financial) or otherwise. We keep a record of annual declarations,  as well as those that crop up at meetings, in the office. Governors who are also parents of pupils at the school, including any staff governors, declare this as an interest and all governors who work or are related to those that work at the school declare this.
Clerk to the Governors is Mrs Isobel Gibson

Our Governors

NameGovernor TypeDeclaration of Interest
Chris BandfieldStaff Governor (Headteacher)Employed by The Academy and Accounting Officer
Jacqueline DoddsGovernor (Chair)None
John TaylorGovernorNone
Eleanor JamesGovernorNone  RESIGNED 15th November 2020
Tony FreemanParent GovernorNone  RESIGNED 18th March 2021
Ruth NolanParent GovernorNone
Jon NicklinGovernorChildren at the Academy
Caroline BullockStaff GovernorEmployed by the Academy. 
Catherine BushnellStaff GovernorEmployed by the Academy.
Kate BishopStaff GovernorEmployed by the Academy.
Phil HaggerGovernorChildren at the Academy  RESIGNED 16th September 2021
Geraint JenkinsGovernor

Children at the Academy

Paul MessParent GovernorChildren at the Academy
Sue SnowballGovernorNone

Jacqueline Dodds (Chair) can be contacted c/o Ashperton Primary Academy, Ashperton, HR8 2SE and an email for her attention can sent via The Clerks email address.