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Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class!

Yellow Class is a class of 30 hardworking year 5 pupils.

Year 5 is jam-packed with lots of learning and exciting lessons. There is lots of learn and we work hard to understand new things, practise our skills and gain a better understanding of the world around us.

We are working on becoming more independent and responsible as well as getting better at working with others and contributing to a team.


Spring Term Learning Journey 2019 :   Earth and Space


 Learning Journey

Yellow Class's learning journey this term is taking them on a journey across the universe to develop their understanding of our planet and its position in space. This creative approach to learning means they will be developing skills from subjects across the curriculum as part of their learning about space. Initially, they will be gaining a good understanding of our solar system, widening their vocabulary and learning where we fit in on Earth. They will be learning about our sun and neighbouring planets, from the solar prominences on Sun and flat plains of Mercury, to the largest volcano on Mars and out to the Great Dark Spot on Neptune! They will be considering human space travel, past, present and future, exploring the life of astronauts and debating some of the big questions of space travel.



Their English Curriculum is linked with our learning journey. They will be working on a variety of text types, beginning with narrative writing and moving onto writing non-fiction balanced arguments.



In Maths, Yellow Class will begin by getting stuck into fractions, developing their understanding of what they look like and what they really mean. They will be getting confident adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions as well as comparing, converting and finding fractions of amounts. 

Please see attachments below for example questions to practise to keep reinforcing the learning from the Autumn term and also information about key skills for this term that can be practised at home.



In Science, Yellow Class we will be learning lots about Earth and Space as well as exploring the properties of materials.

Please have a look at Key Information Sheet at the bottom of this page which summaries all the key information they will be learning in the first half term about Space.



In Music, Yellow Class will be looking at the composer Gustav Holst working on their musical appraising skills and vocabulary. They will be getting to grips with key terms: dynamics, tempo, pitch, timbre and texture. After half term, they will be working on reading musical notation, combined with their work on rhythm from last term, to play both independently and as part of an ensemble. 


PE and Games

Yellow Class need their PE kits on Tuesdays and Fridays this term. They will be working on their ball skills on Tuesdays, and their social skills and team work as part of tag rugby on Fridays.


DT and Art

In Art, they will be studying the artist Peter Thorpe and creating their our art taking into consideration the foreground and background as well as trying to include some abstract elements. In DT, they will be learning how to use electronic components, how to use woodworking tools and how to use computer software to create parts of a product.


Home Learning

Spellings will continue to be given out weekly on Fridays, to be learned by the following Thursday. 

Please support your child in learning the pattern each week. Encourage them to be ambitious, try finding other words with the same pattern and practise until they are confident with all the words. 

They will also be given Grammar and Maths homework on a Friday, set on alternating weeks, Grammar one week, Maths the next. This also needs to be returned for the following Thursday.

Please support your child with their reading at home. Children are expected to read at home at least 5 times a week including at least 2 reads with an adult. Please ensure they are recording their reads in their reading record and that you indicate where you have read with them too.

It is expected that children practise their times tables at home regularly on Timestables Rockstars.

In addition to this, children have Doodle Maths logins and passwords which enables them to practise a wide range of Maths topics. 



Please get in touch if there is anything you wish to discuss.


Mrs Margetts