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Welcome toAshperton Primary Academy

Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class

Spring Term 

Yellow class are a fantastic group of Year 5 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Morley and our wonderful teaching assistant is Miss. Bishop. We have great fun as a class, learning in an exciting and stimulating way and using our Learning Powers to help us develop our independence, relationships, resilience and resourcefulness. 


Our Learning Journey


The Earth and Beyond!


Our learning Journey this term will take us into orbit as we find out about the planets and other objects in our solar system - how big and how far away they are. We will create our own toilet paper solar system, using a mathematical scale, to explore these enormous concepts! We'll explore the Big Bang theory and learn about how day and night and the seasons are formed. The children will explore the phases of the moon and, through scientific inquiry, learn how the craters on the moon were formed. As well as this, the children will complete a coding unit, completing their own simple space invaders game!

Later in the term, we will be visiting @Bristol, taking part in a space workshop and exploring the solar system in the fantastic planetarium!

We will be writing to entertain and inform, as well as completing an extensive unit on the narrative poem The HIghwayman. The children will focus on the study of character, learning how to use the technique of show not tell and how to intergrate speech effectively. As part of our learning on space, the children will find out about the astronaut Tim Peake and write a biography of his life. They will find out what life is like on board the ISS and write to explain how astronauts survive in such a harsh environment.

We will begin the term looking at angles and the focus on place value, finding out about the value of digits, reading, writing and comparing numbers. As well as this, we will be reviewing our methods for mental and written calculation, particularly focusing on securing written division and long multiplication. We will continue to develop our understanding of decimals, comparing and rounding them to the nearest tenth and whole number. We will be learning about fractions, finding out how to compare and order fractions with different denominators and later in the term, learning about improper and mixed number fractions and how to convert them. All our learning will involve ensuring that the children have the skills they need and that they can use and apply these skills to solve mathematical problems.

We will be completing physics units on Forces and Space. We will be planning a variety of investigations, developing our enquiry skills as we learn to recognise and understand all the different variables . As scientists, we'll be taking measurements and recording the data and results in a variety of ways.

PE and Games
Games takes place on a Thursday.
Gym/dance takes place on a Friday.

Both sessions our taken by the wonderful Miss. Bishop.



Why do people believe in God? This is the question we will be exploring, considering why people choose to believe in a God and why this may at times be difficult. The children will be able to outline a Christian understanding of what God is like, using examples and evidence and, will be able to present different views, including their own ideas.



British Values
We work to support and reinforce British Values in many ways including developing an understanding of democracy through the election of new school council members and voting on class and school issues. We ensure that we practise tolerance at all times, showing respect and understanding as we share our thoughts, ideas and opinions on a range of issues.  We learn how to stay safe and develop an understanding of the the rule of law.

Home learning!
Spellings and times table homework will be given every week on a Monday for a test on Friday.
Maths/English home learning will be set on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. This home learning in total should take about 1 hour - 1 hour and a half. 

Reading Home Learning
Please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis, for  a minimum of 10 minutes.
Children in Year 5 should be reading independently every night and additionally to an adult 2/3 times a week - with plenty of discussion! 
Each time they read, please sign their reading log.  Reading logs will be checked when your child has Guided Reading - please help your child to make sure they are in school. Please ensure that their reading log is also in school every Friday.
Thank you for your support.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss anything  -

If you feel you are able to offer some of your valuable time to listen to readers in school, please contact me. 
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