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Yellow Class

Welcome to the Yellow Class page.

Yellow Class is a class of 30 ambitious, hardworking year 5 pupils who are taught by Mrs Margetts and Miss Bishop.

Year 5 is jam-packed with lots of learning and exciting lessons. There is lots of learn and we work hard to understand new things, practise our skills and gain a better understanding of the world around us.

We are working on becoming more independent and responsible as well as getting better at working with others and contributing to a team.



In writing this term, we will be ‘zooming in’ on the many skills that you need to draw on to be able to write successfully: interesting composition, accurate punctuation, correct grammar, clear handwriting and careful spelling. We will be practising these skills in isolation as well as together when learning how to write descriptive narratives, instructions, newspaper reports and poetry. We will be reading a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts together and will be working on seven key reading skills: understanding vocabulary, inferring, predicting, explaining, retrieving information, summarising and sequencing with a particular focus on vocabulary and inference this Autumn term. Much of our English will be in the context our Learning Journey (our creative topic this term based on the Celtic settlement and Roman invasion of Britain).



In Maths this term we will be working to gain more confident with both increasingly large and increasingly small numbers! This will mean getting to grips with numbers that are over 10,000 as well as numbers with decimals. We will be striving to improve our understanding and accuracy when adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. We will also be widening our mathematical vocabulary, gaining confidence with terms such as multiple, factor, square, cube and prime.


Learning Journey

Our Learning Journey this term has a history focus but will include learning from the Science, DT, ART, PE, Geography, RE and English curriculums. We will be learning about some of the groups that have settled in and invaded Britain with a particular focus on the Celts and the Romans. We will be exploring what life was life for the Celts and discover how the Roman invasion influenced Britain. We will be considering the question, ‘Whose land is this?’ and reflecting on how different groups through history have tried to claim this land and have influenced our history. We will be putting our learning into action in November and will be completing a challenge that will require us to use all our history knowledge as well as our speaking and listening skills. Watch this space for updates of what our challenge will be!


PE and Games

Yellow Class will be improving their cognitive skills and co-ordination this term during PE and Games in the context of dance and basketball. We aim to do this on Tuesday and Friday afternoons, however we need to have PE kit in school everyday in case of any rescheduling.


Home learning

Yellow Class are set learning to do at home to support their learning at school that reinforces and practises key skills.

A list of 12 or 13 spellings will be given every Friday to be learned and returned for a test the following Thursday.

Children will be given Grammar and Maths homework on a Friday too, set on alternating weeks, Grammar one week, Maths the next. This also needs to be returned on Thursdays.

Please make sure your child is reading daily. Whilst many of Yellow Class are getting confident reading on their own in their head, they still benefit massively from being heard read by an adult. Please can you try to do this at least 3 times as week to help them develop new vocabulary and understanding. Please sign their reading diary to communicate this to school. Reading diaries will be checked weekly and need to be in school every day. (Reading diaries should be arriving imminently and will be ready for use very soon.)


Please get in contact if there is anything I need to know or you have any questions:


Mrs Margetts