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Welcome toAshperton Primary Academy

Yellow Class

Welcome to Yellow Class

Autumn Term 

Yellow class are a fantastic group of Year 5 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Morley and our wonderful teaching assistants are Miss. Bishop and Mrs. Di Sylva. We have great fun as a class, learning in an exciting and stimulating way and using our Learning Powers to help us develop our independence, relationships, resilience and resourcefulness. We have a particularly exciting year ahead, as Miss. Bishop will be  completing her placement as a student teacher in Yellow Class! 

Learning Journey

The Learning Journey approach means that all aspects of the curriculum combine to build a really creative curriculum. This term our Learning Journey has a history focus, but English, maths, science, art,  DT, dance and music will all link together to create an exciting, memorable learning experience.

Who lived in Britain before the Romans invaded? We will begin this learning journey by finding out about the Celts - what would you look like as a Celt and how would persuade others to make you the leader of your tribe? We will use a variety of evidence and sources to find out about the lives of the Celtic people 2000 years ago, including a trip to the remains of a local hillfort. By studying their roundhouses in detail, we will design and construct our own, using carefully selected materials and if we're very lucky, we might even be able to FaceTime a Celtic warrior! So what was the impact of the Roman invasion? We will study the invasion of Britain in detail making our own comics, using Asterix to inspire us and composing our own invasion music! We will learn about the lives of the Roman soldiers, find out why they were such a successful fighting force and design and make shields so we can make our very own testudo! How did the Celtic people react to this invading force? Our learning will focus on Boudicca - but what is fact and what is opinion? We will look at this story from both sides as we write our own articles for The Roman Chronicles and The Daily Celt newspapers.
​Finally, we will finish this unit with our showcase event - Historical Masterchef! More information to follow!


British Values
We work to support and reinforce British Values in many ways including developing an understanding of democracy through the election of new school council members and voting on class and school issues. We ensure that we practise tolerance at all times, showing respect and understanding as we share our thoughts, ideas and opinions on a range of issues.  We learn how to stay safe and develop an understanding of the the rule of law.

Home learning!
Spellings  and times table homework will be given every week on a Monday for a test on Friday.
Maths/English home learning will be set on a Friday, to be handed in the following Wednesday. This home learning in total  should take about 1 hour - 1 hour and a half. 

Reading Home Learning
Please make sure your child is reading on a daily basis, for  a minimum of 10 minutes.
Children in Year 5 should be reading independently every night and additionally to an adult 2/3 times a week - with plenty of discussion! 
Each time they read, please sign their reading log.  Reading logs will be checked when your child has Guided Reading - please help your child to make sure they are in school. Please ensure that their reading log is also in school every Friday.
Thank you for your support.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss anything  -

If you feel you are able to offer some of your valuable time to listen to readers in school, please contact me. 
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