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Blue Class


Africa 1

Blue Class

Spring 2018


In Blue Class, we are taught by Ms Bames who is supported by Mrs Da Silva. Our Learning Journey for this term is Africa!


All of our subjects are meaningfully and creatively linked together through our Learning Journey.


Learning Journey

We will investigate the diverse nature of the continent of Africa, looking at its many countries and focusing in detail on Ghana (linking with our chocolate work from last year) on the west coast and then Kenya and Tanzania on the east coast. Leading on from this we will develop our compass skills. We are looking forward to finding out more about everyday life from our link school, Karangai. We will find out about the interconnectedness of cultures around Africa and about similarities and differences. To deepen our learning we will look at the life of a child in different areas and the games they play. This will lead us into designing games and will culminate in a Top Trumps style game based on the many features of Africa. 



At Ashperton, we learn French across KS2. We link this closely with our Learning Journey. Therefore, in Blue Class this term, we will be learning vocabulary related to animals. We will also continue to develop our basic skills in greetings, key phrases and classroom instructions. We will find out about colonisation in Africa and how French came to be spoken in many countries across the continent. 

Linking with our Learning Journey, our science topics are Living things and their Habitats (with a closer look into African animals and the effect of development and climate change on their habitats).

We will also cover Animals (including humans), their teeth and digestive systems. 


Art and Design
This term we will be experimenting with pointilism, oil pastels and marbling to create beautiful pictures of the animals we are studying. 


There are lots of exciting opportunities for great writing this term. Initially, we are writing recounts followed by a 'speaking and listening' based unit on the Anansi folktales inspired by a guest speaker who lived in Ghana for many years. 


We become efficient and effective mathematicians in the Spring term with a strong focus on formal written calculations for the four operations. We will also continue to develop skills in shape, space and measure, fractions and decimals and data handling. 



Gymnastics is on a Monday in the hall and kit must be in school at all times please. If your child wears earrings, please make sure they are removed on PE days or that your child is confident removing them. On Fridays, the whole class goes swimming and again it is really helpful if you can make sure that all kit is labelled and in school first thing in the morning. 



We will be asking some big questions in Blue Class this term and learning from religions to help us decide what is right and wrong. We will also think about why some people think that life is a journey. 



This term we work hard on developing positive relationships and consider what it takes to resolve conflicts amongst peers. 



We are lucky enough to have a range of African instruments in school which we will be experimenting with. We will also continue to develop our skills in singing with daily practise and more focused work in the lead up to Easter. 

In Blue Class, children are expected to read 5 times per week. Maths and English work will be given on alternate weeks and spellings will come home every Friday. It is also expected that children will practise their times tables at home. I am hugely impressed with the dedication amongst the children in becoming secure in all 12x12 times tables and it is really helping to develop skills and mastery in our maths curriculum. Well done. 

British Values
In our class we will be reinforcing British Values in many ways including looking closely at individual liberty.


We are always open to offers of help in Blue Class so please do get in touch if you have some time that you would like to offer!