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Blue Class

Blue Class

Autumn 2017


In Blue Class, we are taught by Ms Bames and Mrs Cresswell. Our Learning Journey for this term is Cocoa Loco!


All of our subjects are meaningfully and creatively linked together through our Learning Journey.



We will investigate the cocoa industry and trade links around the world (including Fairtrade). We'll be securing our ability to locate the world's continents and specifically countries in Central America. The ancient Maya civilisation occupied much of this area and Blue Class will be finding out all about their culture and clothing, ready for a Food, Fashion and Fun Showcase at the end of term!


Design and Technology

Blue Class will be sampling foods from the region and preparing traditional dishes ready for you to try at our showcase event!. Our main focus in DT will be fashion and how it changes across time and place. We will be researching, designing, making and evaluating Maya clothing.




At Ashperton, we learn French across KS2. We link this closely with our Learning Journey. Therefore, in Blue Class this term, we will be learning vocabulary related to food and clothing. We will also continue to develop our basic skills in greetings, key phrases and classroom instructions. 

Linking with our Learning Journey, our science topic is States of Matter with an investigation into reversible and irreversible changes (including melting chocolate of course).


Art and Design
As well as designing our Maya clothing, we will be studying the art of Quentin Blake and his collaboration with Roald Dahl. We will be improving our sketching skills by drawing scenes imagined from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


There are lots of exciting opportunities for great writing this term. Our key text is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the children are already hooked! Initially, we are writing newspaper reports about the invention of a new bar (designed by the children of course). We will then move on to a narrative unit, writing the story from the perspective of an Oompa Loompa. In the second half term, we will have a short poetry unit focusing on Michael Rosen's Chocolate Cake followed by a non-chronological report writing unit. 

Alongside developing our skills in mental and written strategies for maths, this term will have a sharp focus on shape, space and measure. We will be securing our knowledge of 3D shapes linked to chocolate box designs. We will also be working very hard on telling the time accurately and converting to 24 hr clock. The ancient Maya were also known for their expertise with time and we will be finding out more. 



Mrs Cresswell will be teaching Netball outside on Mondays and I will teach Dance (Maya themed) on Wednesdays. Please ensure your children have appropriate, warm, labelled kit in school at all times as we like to pop out for some extra PE, including skipping, when time and weather allow.



We will be asking some big questions in Blue Class this term and thinking about the many different faiths in our society, questioning what it means to have a faith and linking this closely with our British Values of tolerance and respect.

In Blue Class, children are expected to read 5 times per week. Maths and English work will be given on alternate weeks and spellings will come home every Friday. It is also expected that children will practise their times tables at home. 

British Values
In our class we will be reinforcing British Values in many ways including the election of new school council members, voting on class and school issues, investigating the rule of law and how to stay safe and showing respect and tolerance of all people. 



We love to sing in Blue Class and this term we will be working hard on our performance songs.