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Performance Data - 2017

School Performance Data

I am so proud of our staff who work very hard for our children. They cannot be thanked enough for yet another, very impressive set of academic results throughout the school in 2017. As you are aware we faced fundamental change in how pupils were tested and a new, significantly more academically challenging national curriculum. There was huge uncertainty in the profession and it is fair to say that nationally, schools have found the transition challenging to say the least. However, the commitment of our dedicated, talented staff that secured such positive outcomes for our pupils in the past was very likely to continue to do so, and I am delighted to say that it has.
Please see the tables below.
Please bear in mind when looking at performance data that there are many issues to consider in pupil performance, such as number of children in the cohort, special needs issues, mobility issues, i.e. how many pupils are late entries to the school, etc.
Early Years Foundation Stage – Red Class
A fabulous year in Red Class!! Well done Mrs Marriage, Mrs Ellis, Mrs Brown, all of our parents and helpers and of course our brilliant children!

Ashperton Good Level of Development 2016(Defined as - Early learning goals achieved or exceeded in the prime areas of learning (personal, social and emotional development; physical development; and communication and language) and in the specific areas of mathematics and literacy). 70.83%
National Average 2016 71.7%
Herefordshire Average 2016 69.3%
  Ashperton results 2016 National 2015 (no 2016 results available yet)
Reading achieved ELG 66.6% 55.7%
Reading exceeding ELG 12.4% 20.3%
Achieved ELG or exceeding for reading. 79% 76%
Writing achieved ELG 74.9% 58.1%
Writing  exceeding ELG 8.3% 12.6%
Achieved ELG or exceeding for writing. 83.2% 70.8%
Number achieved ELG 66.6% 61.6%
Number exceeding ELG 12.4% 15.8%
Achieved ELG or exceeding for maths. 79% 77.4%
Y1 Phonics Screening Check
     Ashperton 2017        Herefordshire 2017      National 2017    
All Pupils          84.6  83.6  81.2
KS1 Results
As you can see, our results, (Attainment) are very positive and it is pleasing to see our target to improve achievement in writing last year, has been maintained. Reading, writing and maths combined is important because clearly, success in all three areas provides our children with good qualifications for the future.
  Ashperton KS1     
2017 %
2017 %
Herefordshire 2017 %     
Attaining the Expected Standard
85.2 75.6 75.6
Attaining Greater Depth of Understanding 29.6 25.2 26.7
Attaining the Expected Standard
81.5 68.2 72.2
Attaining Greater Depth of Understanding 25.9 15.6 17.3
Attaining the Expected Standard
85.2 75.1 77.1
Attaining Greater Depth of Understanding 22.2 20.5 19.9
Attaining the Expected Standard
92.6 82.6 85.6
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined
Attaining the Expected Standard or Better
81.5 63.7 67.3
Reading, Writing and Maths Combined
Attaining Greater Depth of Understanding
11.1 11 11.4
Reading, Writing, Maths and Science Combined
Attaining the Expected Standard
81.5 63.3 67.1

Key stage 2 Results - 2017

Subject National Herefordshire Ashperton Comparison with National
Reading - % of pupils achieving expected standard 71.5 72.8 84 +12.5
Writing- % of pupils achieving expected standard 76.3 76.1 80 +3.7
Maths - % of pupils achieving expected standard 74.9 71.8 92 +17.1
Grammar, punctuation and spelling - % of pupils achieving expected standard    76.9 75.1 84 +7.1
Reading, writing and maths combined. 61.1 59.9 76 +14.9

The reading, writing and maths combined figure above is especially significant in that it represents the % of pupils who have a achieved well in all areas, giving them a range of opportunities in the future.




Subject National       Herefordshire       Ashperton      Comparison with National   
Reading – Average Scaled Score 104.1  104.3 107.4 +3.3
Maths - Average Scaled Score 104.2  
107.8 +3.6
Grammar, punctuation and spelling - Average Scaled Score           106 105.4 106 +0